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Thinking About Cosmetic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery Research.info provides information on: Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Face Lifts, Tummy Tucks, Eyelid Surgery, Breast Lift Surgery, Breast Reduction, Statistics and Surgery Costs.

Find out Statistics regarding plastic surgery and learn about risks and complications on each procedure page. We also provide a variety of before and after pictures for each procedure listed.

If you have any questions about cosmetic surgery, you can ask a board certified doctor at our Ask a Surgeon page. Search for board certified plastic surgeons on our Find a Surgeon page and check doctor credentials. If you need help with financing, apply for a loan.

To find a Board Certified Surgeon, select an area from the drop down menu.

Our Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon Sponsors:
Dr. Sacha Obaid - Southlake, Texas
Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery - Phoenix, Arizona
Dr. A.H. Nezami - Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. Mark Jewell - Eugene, Oregon
Dr. David Lieberman & Dr. Sachin Parikh - San Jose and Palo Alto, California
Dr. Owen Reid - Vancouver and Richmond, BC
Dr. Terry Myckatyn - St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. Mansour Bendago - Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Jason Hess - San Diego, California
Dr. David Sayah - Beverly Hills, California
Dr. Bivik Shah - Columbus, Ohio
Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum - St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. Wayne Yamahata - Sacramento, California
Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr. - Houston, Texas
Dr. Matthew Baker - Denver, Colorado
Dr. Michael Hueneke - Nashville, Tennessee
Dr. Frank Campanile - Denver, Colorado
Dr. David Stoker - Marina Del Rey, California
Dr. Mahlon Kerr - Austin, Texas
Dr. Louis Cutolo - Staten Island, New York
St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery - St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. Michael Weinberg - Mississauga and Toronto, Ontario
Dr. Dennis Hammond - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dr. Andrea Van Pelt - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dr. Michelle Spring - Marina Del Rey, California
Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York - New York, New York
Dr. Howard Silverman - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Lee Corbett - Louisville, Kentucky
Dr. Michele Cooper - New Orleans, Louisiana
Dr. Ben Schlechter - Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
Dr. Carl Lentz - Ormond Beach, Florida
Dr. Michael Diaz - Melbourne, Florida
Dr. Robert Wilcox - Plano, Texas
Dr. Raghu Elluru and Dr. Scott Holley - Battle Creek and Portage, Michigan
Dr. Anthony Deboni and Dr. Gregory Baum - Syracuse, New York
Dr. Gary Price - Guilford, Connecticut
Dr. Mathew Mosher - Vancouver, British Columbia
Dr. Pablo Prichard - Phoenix, Arizona
Dr. Remus Repta - Phoenix, Arizona
Dr. Vincent Lepore - San Jose, California
Dr. Ellen Mahony - Westport, Connecticut
Dr. Eric Mariotti - Concord, California
Dr. Michael Law - Raleigh, North Carolina
Dr. Troy Andreasen - Inland Empire, California
Dr. Brian S. Glatt - Morristown, New Jersey
Dr. Michael Suzman - Rye, New York
The New York Group for Plastic Surgery - Tarrytown and Goshen, New York
Calobrace Plastic Surgery - Louisville, Kentucky
Dr. Braden Stridde - Federal Way, Washington
Dr. Michael Tantillo - Brookline, Massachusetts
Dr. Steve S. Kim - Beverly Hills, California
Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery - Upper Arlington, Ohio and New Albany, Ohio
Dr. Paul Steinwald - Golden, Colorado
Dr. Jose Rios - Frankfort and Joliet, Illinois
Dr. Camille Cash - Houston, Texas
Dr. Michael J. Lee - Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Thomas McNemar - San Ramon, California
Dr. Francisco Canales and Dr. Heather Furnas - Santa Rosa, California
Plastic Surgery Center of the South - Marietta, Georgia
Dr. Todd Gerlach - Torrance, California
Dr. Nadia Afridi - New York, New York
Dr. James Romanelli - Huntington, New York
Dr. Gus Galante - Schererville, Indiana
Dr. Kenrick Spence - Orlando, Florida
Dr. Steve Byrd - Dallas, Texas
Dr. Robert Cohen - Paradise Valley, Arizona
Dr. Andrew Smith - Irvine, California
Dr. Andrew Wolfe - Golden, Colorado
Dr. Steven Vath - Denver, Colorado
Dr. Shain Cuber - Edison and Marlboro, New Jersey
Dr. Vishal Kapoor - Los Angles, California
Dr. William LoVerme - Wellesley, Massachusetts
Dr. Kent Hasen - Naples, Florida
Dr. David Kim - Beverly Hills, California
Dr. Audrey Farahmand - Fort Myers, Florida
Dr. Francis Johns - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dr. Grant Stevens - Marina Del Rey, California
The Plastic Surgery Group - Albany, New York
Dr. William Hedden - Birmingham, Alabama
Dr. Sanjay Grover - Beverly Hills, California
Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. - Shreveport, Louisiana
Dr. Holly Casey Wall - Shreveport, Louisiana
Dr. Don Revis - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Dr. Shaun Parson - Scottsdale, Arizona
Dr. Scot Glasberg - New York, New York
Dr. Michelle Copeland - New York, New York
Dr. David Reath - Knoxville, Tennessee
Dr. Jay Pensler - Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Bahram Ghaderi - Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Fred Suess - San Francisco, California

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