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California Cosmetic Surgeons
Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Fred Suess
1700 California Street, Suite 500
San Francisco, California 94109
Phone: (415) 567-1791
Contact Dr. Suess
Website: www.aestheticenhancement.net

Dr. T. Y. Stephen Ip
351 Hospital Rd., Suite 319
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Phone: (949) 548-0300
Contact Dr. Ip
Website: www.surgery-plasticsurgeon.com

Sanjay Grover, MD
414 North Camden Drive, 8th Floor
Beverly Hills, California 90210
Phone: (310) 276-4526
360 San Miguel Drive, Suite 507
Newport Beach, California 92660
Phone: (949) 759-9551
Contact Dr. Grover
Website: www.doctorgrover.com

W. Grant Stevens, MD
4644 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 552
Marina Del Rey, California 90292
Phone: (310) 827-2653
Contact Dr. Stevens

Jason Hess, MD, FACS
4060 4th Ave., Suite #120
San Diego, California 92103
Phone: (619) 357-4552
Website: www.jasonrhessmd.com
Contact Dr. Hess

David E. Kim, MD
436 North Bedford Drive, Suite 305
Beverly Hills, California, 90210
Beverly Hills Office
Phone: (310) 271-6996
Website: www.beverlyhillsplasticsurgery.com
Contact Dr. Kim

Eugene Kim, MD
436 North Bedford Drive, Suite 305
Beverly Hills, California, 90210
Beverly Hills Office
Phone: (310) 271-6996
Website: www.beverlyhillsplasticsurgery.com
Contact Dr. Kim

Dr. Vishal Kapoor
436 N. Roxbury Drive, #117
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: (310) 385-9623
Website: www.drkapoormd.com
Contact Dr. Kapoor

Dr. Andrew Smith
16100 Sand Canyon Ave., Suite #230
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: (949) 653-7000
Website: www.asmithmd.com
Contact Dr. Smith

Dr. Vivian Ting
1776 Ygnacio Valley Road
Suite 108
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Phone: (925) 939-9200
Website: www.viviantingmd.com
Contact Dr. Ting

Dr. Todd Gerlach
The Medical Centre
4201 Torrance Blvd., Suite 150
Torrance, CA 90503
Phone: (310) 540-0144
Website: www.doctorgerlach.com
Contact Dr. Gerlach

Dr. Francisco Canales
Dr. Heather Furnas

4625 Quigg Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95409
Phone: (707) 537-2111
Website: enhanceyourimage.com
Contact Dr. Furnas and Dr. Canales

Dr. Thomas McNemar
5201 Norris Canyon Road, Suite 120
San Ramon, California 94583
(925) 866-0177
Contact Dr. McNemar
2160 West Grant Line Rd
Suite 250
Tracy, California 95377
(209) 834-0626
Website: mcnemarcosmeticsurgery.com

Dr. Scott Green
Sacramento and Roseville
95 Scripps Drive
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: (916) 929-1833
2235 Douglas Blvd., Suite 510
Roseville, CA 95661
Phone: (916) 773-5559
Website: drscottgreen.com
Contact Dr. Green

Steve S. Kim, MD, PhD
239 S. La Cienega Blvd, Suite 102
Beverly Hills, California 90211
Phone: (310) 553-5315
Website: skplasticsurgery.com
Contact Dr. Kim

Dr. Troy Andreasen
3333 Concours Street, Building #3
Ontario, CA 91764
Phone: (909) 291-4900
Website: inlandbreastandbody.com
Contact Dr. Andreasen

Dr. Eric Mariotti
2222 East St, Suite 310
Concord, CA 94520
Phone: (925) 685-4533
Website: www.drmariotti.com
Contact Dr. Mariotti

Dr. Vincent Lepore
2581 Samaritan Dr, Ste 102
San Jose, CA 95124
Phone: (408) 356-4241
Website: www.vincentleporemd.com
Contact Dr. Lepore

Dr. Miguel Delgado
165 Rowland Way, Suite 300
Novato, CA 94945
Phone: (415) 898-4161
Website: sanfranciscocosmetic-surgery.com
Contact Dr. Delgado

Michelle Spring, MD
4644 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 552
Marina Del Rey, California 90292
Phone: (310) 827-2653
Contact Dr. Spring

David Stoker, MD
4640 Admiralty Way, Suite 1000
North Tower, 10th floor
Marina Del Rey, California 90292
Phone: (310) 300-1779
Contact Dr. Stoker

Mo Zakhireh, MD
73-710 Alessandro Drive, Suite A1
Palm Desert, California 92260
Phone: (760) 837-0364
Contact Dr. Zakhireh

Dr. Brian Eichenberg
24687 Monroe Avenue
Murrieta, CA 92562
Phone: (951) 506-1040
Contact Dr. Eichenberg

Dr. David Sayah
436 North Bedford Drive, Suite 202
Beverly Hills, California 90210
Phone: (310) 385-0000
Website: davidsayah.com
Contact Dr. Sayah

Dr. Lieberman & Dr. Parikh
805 El Camino Real Suite A
Palo Alto CA 94301
Phone: (650) 327-3232
3425 S. Bascom Ave. Suite 100
Campbell, CA 95008
Website: www.fortheface.com
Contact Dr. Lieberman & Dr. Parikh

All plastic surgeons listed are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. A doctor listed with a indicates a webpage with doctor photos, board certification and education information.

Scott M Aaronson, MD Palm Springs, CA
Andre Aboolian, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Ruben B Abrams, MD Los Angeles, CA
Bruce M Achauer, MD Orange, CA
William P Aiello, MD Long Beach, CA
Melvin K Akazawa, MD Mission Viejo, CA
John T Alexander, II, MD, FACS San Diego, CA
Hamid R Amirsheybani, MD Modesto, CA
Dennis K Anderson, MD San Bernardino, CA
Troy Andreasen, MD Inland Empire, California
James P Anthony, MD San Francisco, California
Mark A Anton, MD Newport Beach, CA
Robert M Applebaum, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Eric P Bachelor, MD Pleasanton, CA
Won Hyok Bae, MD Los Angeles, CA
M. Hugh Bailey, MD Newport Beach, CA
Saul R Berger, MD Encino, CA
R Laurence Berkowitz, MD Campbell, CA
Samuel A Bern, MD Ventura, CA
Kyle D Bickel, MD     San Francisco, CA
Lawrence M Birnbaum, MD Beverly Hills, CA
James J Black, MD Torrance, CA
Myron J Bloom, MDLos Alamitos, CA
D Glynn Bolitho, MD, PhD La Jolla, CA
Francisco Canales, MD Santa Rosa, CA
Carolyn Chang, MD San Francisco, CA
Andrew T Cohen, MD Los Angeles, CA
Miguel A. Delgado, MD Novato, California
Miguel A. Delgado, MD Marin County, California
Miguel A. Delgado, MD San Francisco, California
Stanley P Frileck, MD Los Angeles, CA
David W Furnas, MD , MS Orange, CA
Heather J Furnas, MD Santa Rosa, CA
Robert V Gailliot, Jr., MD Fresno, CA
Randi A Galli, MD Fresno, CA
Steven M Garren, MD San Luis Obispo, CA
Ned W Garrigues, MD La Jolla, CA
Ronald M Gemberling, MD South Lake Tahoe, CA
Todd M. Gerlach, MD Torrance, California
Nourollah B Ghorbani, MD WalnutCreek, CA
Peter F Giacobazzi, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Terry Gillian, MD Fresno, CA
Michael C Glafkides, MD San Bruno, CA
Leonard W Gray, MD San Francisco, CA
Robert M Green, MD Eureka, CA
Scott D Green, MD, FACS Sacramento, California
Scott D Green, MD, FACS Roseville, California
Lauren Greenberg, MD Palo Alto, CA
Anthony C Griffin, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Sanjay Grover, MD Beverly Hills, California
Sanjay Grover, MD Newport Beach, California
Robert A Gutstein, MD Los Angeles, CA
Michael J Halls, MD San Diego, CA
Terry L Hand, MD Greenbrae, CA
Neal Handel, MD Santa Barbara, CA
Barry S Handler, MD La Mesa, CA
Robert A Hardesty, MD Riverside, CA
Jon F Harrell, DO South Lake Tahoe, CA
Thomas P Harries, MD San Francisco, CA
Robert A Harvey, MD San Francisco, CA
Donald W Hause, MD Sacramento, CA
Randal D Haworth, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Barbara B Hayden, MD Santa Monica, CA
Andrew Hayduke, MD Rancho Mirage, CA
Kimberly A Henry, MD Green Brae, CA
Eric T Hisaka, MD Pleasanton, CA
Jeffrey D Hoefflin, MD Los Angeles, CA
Steven M Hoefflin, MD Santa Monica, CA
Carol A Hollan, MDLa Jolla, CA
Ralph E Holmes, MD San Diego, CA
Jed Horowitz, MD Huntington Beach, CA
Vincent C Hung, MD Pasadena, CA
Clyde J Ikeda, MD San Francisco, CA
Robert S Improta, MD Camarillo, CA
Steven Ip, MD Newport Beach, California
Nicanor G Isse, MD Newport Beach, CA
Ronald E Iverson, MD Danville, CA
Rebecca L Jackson, MD Vacaville, CA
Donald R Jasper, MD Sacramento, CA
Shahin M Javaheri, MD Berkeley, CA
William Jervis, MDWalnutCreek, CA
Lisa L. Jewell, MD Torrance, CA
Peter Johannet, MD Palo Alto, CA
Debra J Johnson, MD Sacramento, CA
Connie S Joy, MD Long Beach, CA
Richard A Kahn, MD Oakland, CA
Ashton A Kaidi, MD Newport Beach, CA
Sharon L Kalina, MD Riverside, CA
S Allan Kane, Jr, MD San Juan Capist, CA
Samuel D Kao, MD San Francisco, CA
Vishal Kapoor, MD Los Angeles, California
Suzanne M Kerley, MD Santa Cruz, CA
Geoffrey R Keyes, MD Los Angeles, CA
Sherif M Khattab, MD Torrance, CA
Prasad G Kilaru, MD Fremont, CA
Michael F Killion, MD San Jose, CA
David E Kim, MD Beverly Hills, California
K Alex Kim, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Roy Kim, MD San Francisco, CA
Seung K Kim, MD Palo Alto, CA
Steve S Kim, MD, PhD Beverly Hills, California
Stuart B Kincaid, MD San Diego, CA
Gurmander S Kohli, MD Loma Linda, CA
Michael I Kulick, MD, DDS San Francisco, CA
David M Kupfer, MD San Diego, CA
Robert K Kure, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Mark L Labowe, MD Los Angeles, CA
Val S Lambros, MD Newport Beach, CA
Glen Kee Lau, MD Lafayette, CA
Steve Laverson, MD Poway, CA
Elliott B Lavey, MD Danville, CA
Norman Leaf, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Alex N Lechtman, MD Visalia, CA
Charles K Lee, MDSan Francisco, CA
Dong-Joon Lee, MD Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth Slass Lee, MD Berkeley, CA
David Lieberman, MD Palo Alto, California
Charles T Longo, MD Sacramento, CA
Robert M Lowen, MD Mountain View, CA
Marc R Lussier, MD Valencia, CA
Shahriar Mabourakh, MD Folsom, CA
Genevieve MacDonald, MD West Hills, CA
Richard E Mack, Jr, MD, DDS Encino, CA
Douglas J Mackenzie, MD Santa Barbara, CA
Alexander M Majidian, MD Sherman Oaks, CA
John R Manis, MD Greenbrae, CA
David Elliot Marcus, MD Santa Rosa, CA
Eric R Mariotti, MD Concord, California
Eric R Mariotti, MD Walnut Creek, California
Bernard L Markowitz, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Andrew J Matthews, MD Gilroy, CA
John McAvoy, MD Santa Rosa, CA
Thomas McNemar, MD San Ramon, CA
Thomas McNemar, MD Tracy, CA
Gordon M Mitts, MD Bakersfield, CA
Thomas F Mitts, MD Fresno, CA
Brent R W Moelleken, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Sean T Moloney, MD Daly City, CA
L Richard Morgan, MD Chico, CA
David T Morwood, MD Monterey, CA
Rex Moulton-Barrett, MD Alameda, CA
Gregory P Mueller, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Hossein A Najafi, MD Beverly Hills, CA
David A Newman, MD Murrieta, CA
Michael K. Newman, MD Torrance, CA
Peter N Nguyen, MD Westminster, CA
Thanh N Nguyen, MD Westminster, CA
Michael W Niccole, MD Corona Del Mar, CA
John L Nicholson, MD Los Altos, CA
Larry S Nichter, MD Huntington Beach, CA
Dennis M Nigro, MD Encinitas, CA
Nicholas R Nikolov, MD, FACS Beverly Hills, CA
Katharine C Nitta, MD Newport Beach, CA
Michael S Norris, MD Burlingame, CA
Eric Okamoto, MD Fremont, CA
R Merrel Olesen, MDLa Jolla, CA
John A Olsen, MD Los Angeles, CA
John M Osborn, MD Sacramento, CA
John Q Owsley, MD San Francisco, CA
Michael M. Papalian, MD Atherton, CA
Russel Pardoe, MD Eureka, CA
Sachin Parikh, MD Campbell, California
Douglas S Patton, MD Oakland, CA
Malcolm D Paul, MD Newport Beach, CA
James R Payne, MD Modesto, CA
Samuel N Pearl, MD Mountain View, CA
Edward A Pechter, MD Santa Clarita, CA
Charles Perry, MD Sacramento, California
Stanley G Poulos, MD Greenbrae, CA
Tom J. Pousti, MD La Jolla, California
Ram C Prabhakar, MD Irvine, CA
Bradford T Prescott, MD WalnutCreek, CA
Barry Press, MD San Jose, CA
J Edson Price, Jr, MD Corona, CA
F Prunes, MD Bakersfield, CA
Leonard G Prutsok, MD Orange, CA
Anil Punjabi, MD, DDS Loma Linda, CA
Usha Anne Rajagopal, MD San Francisco, California
Douglas W Reavie, MD San Diego, CA
Mark Rechnic, MDLa Jolla, CA
Daniel R Reichner, MDOrange, CA
Regina L Rosenthal, MD Campbell, CA
Sheldon A Rosenthal, MDEncino, CA
George Rudkin, MD Los Angeles, CA
Ross Rudolph, MD La Jolla, CA
Maja S Ruetschi, MD Rancho Mirage, CA
Cindy Lee Russell, MD Sunnyvale, CA
Frank H Ryan, MD Beverly Hills, CA
F. James Rybka, MD Carmichael, CA
James J Ryskamp, Jr, MD Fresno, CA
Arthur H Salibian, MD Orange, CA
Gary D Salomon, MD San Francisco, CA
Janet Salomonson, MD Santa Monica, CA
Lori H Saltz, MDLa Jolla, CA
William W Shaw, MD Los Angeles, CA
Jack H Sheen, MD Santa Barbara, CA
Robert W Sheffield, MD Santa Barbara, CA
Francis C Sheng, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Randy Sherman, MD Los Angeles, CA
Richard C Sherwood, MD San Francisco, CA
William M Shuffett, MD Coronado, CA
Barry N Silberg, MD Santa Rosa, CA
John S Silverton, MD Stockton, CA
Robert Singer, MDLa Jolla, CA
Margaret Skiles, MD Yuba City, CA
R Kendrick Slate, MD Los Angeles, CA
John B Slayback, MD Redlands, CA
Andrew Smith, MD Corona, California
Andrew Smith, MD Irvine, California
Charles W. Spenler, MD Torrance, CA
Michelle Spring, MD Marina Del Rey, California
W. Grant Stevens, MD Marina Del Rey, California
David Stoker, MD Marina Del Rey, California
Aaron Stone, MD Los Angeles, CA
Richard T Stone, MD Burbank, CA
Steven K Struck, MD Atherton, CA
Fred Suess, MD San Francisco, California
Douglas Sunde, MD Monterey, CA
Michael J Sundine, MD Costa Mesa, CA
Howard S Sutkin, MD Los Gatos, CA
Merton Suzuki, MD Poway, CA
Linda L Swanson, MD Torrance, CA
Norio Takayama, MD Fresno, CA
Andres Taleisnik, MD Orange, CA
William G Taylor, MD San Diego, CA
Gary M Tearston, MD Los Angeles, CA
Steven A Teitelbaum, MD Santa Monica, California
Edward Owen Terino, MD Thousand Oaks, CA
Daniel S Thomas, MD Chico, CA
Ivan Thomas, MD Glendale, CA
Dennis P Thompson, MD Santa Monica, CA
James W Thornton, MD Arroyo Grande, CA
Vivian Ting, MD San Francisco, California
Beatrix Tirkanits, MD Newport Beach, CA
Joseph N Togba, Jr., MD Oakland, CA
Hale Tolleth, MD Concord, CA
Fred B Tomlinson, MD Santa Cruz, CA
Thomas D Toohey, MD Newport Beach, CA
Bryant A Toth, MD San Francisco, CA
William Umansky, MDLa Jolla, CA
Steven J Varkony, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Armen Vartany, MD Glendale, CA
Zareh H Vartivarian, MD West Hills, CA
Thomas Ray Vecchione, MD San Diego, CA
Stewart P Wang, MD Alhambra, California
David L J Wardle, MD, BSC, FRCSC>>>> Newport Beach, CA
Michael J Watanabe, MD Laguna Hills, CA
Linda M Waters, MD Palo Alto, CA
Timothy J Weibel, MD Los Gatos, CA
Randall B Weil, MD San Francisco, CA
Brian R West, MD Beverly Hills, CA
David L Wolf, MDLa Jolla, CA
Curtis SF Wong, MD Redding, CA
Granger Wong, MD Sacramento, CA
Paul J Wotowic, MD San Ramon, CA
Joan F Wright, MD Los Angeles, CA
Dianne E Wu, MD Monterey Park, CA
George Wu, MD San Francisco, CA
Kent T Yamaguchi, MD Fresno, CA
Wayne I Yamahata, MD Sacramento, California
Katherine B Young, MD San Francisco, CA
Robin T. W. Yuan, MD Beverly Hills, CA
Judith Braslow Zacher, MD Palm Desert, CA
Mo Zakhireh, MDPalm Desert, California
Iraj Zandi, MD Fremont, CA
Harvey A Zarem, MD Santa Monica, CA
Terry J Zimmerman, MD Folsom, CA
John P Zimmermann, MD Napa, CA
Stephen Zuniga, MD Fresno,CA

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